Our Calibration Service

Calibration with Lifetime Warranty

First Stop Safety have complete confidence in our BattPAT, MemoryPAT, PAT-IT and Microwave Testers. As a result as part of our calibration service we now supply a Lifetime Warranty. To retain the validity of the Lifetime Warranty the unit must be returned to First Stop Safety annually for a calibration. This provides our customers with complete peace of mind.

PAT Testers and Microwave Checkers

They are accurate instruments and it is important to make sure that they are continuing to measure correctly. A faulty tester could fail to pick up any faults with electrical appliances and result in passing them. Annual Calibration. To prevent this and ensure the accuracy of PAT Testers and microwave checkers, we recommend that calibration is carried out annually.

Calibration - Whats included?

When we calibrate the PAT Testers or Microwave Checkers we make sure that all products meet the original specification. This includes:

  • Calibration traceable back to National Standards.
  • Refurbishing the unit and upgrading it if required.
  • Carrying out a PAT test on the tester if it is mains powered.
  • Issuing a Calibration Certificate.
  • 3 Day Turnaround.

Collection & Delivery Service

We can arrange for the PAT Tester or Microwave Checker to be collected for calibration and delivered back to you within 3 working days. The cost of this service is £22.95 + VAT.

Alternatively you can arrange your own delivery back to First Stop Safety. Delivery back to you is charged at £12.00 + VAT.

Calibration Drop-in Service

We also offer a drop-in service every Monday. If you drop your tester in to our York office by 10:00am we will calibrate it and have it ready for you to collect by 15:30 on the same day.

PAT-IT, BattPAT, MemoryPAT & Microwave Checker Calibration Service

We are able to offer added value to our calibration of the PAT-IT, BattPAT, MemoryPAT and the Microwave Checker as we manufacture these testers.

When you return them to us for calibration, we are able to upgrade these to the latest standard.

With all First Stop Safety Testers we now provide a Lifetime Warranty with all calibrations. Should the PAT-IT, BattPAT, MemoryPAT or Microwave Checker fail for any reason between calibrations, then return it to us. We will repair it and ship it back to you free of charge.

The cost of the PAT Calibration Service with Lifetime Warranty is as detailed below:

Option 1 First Stop Safety PAT Tester Calibration Refurbishment, calibration, upgrade and safety check (including certificate) including FREE Lifetime Warranty
£65.00(+ VAT)
Option 2 Microwave Checker Calibration Refurbishment, calibration and safety check (including certificate)
including FREE Lifetime Warranty
£40.00(+ VAT)

Please be aware if you book your PAT Tester calibration at the same as your microwave checker we will reduce the cost of your Microwave Checker Calibration by £12.50 to £27.50.

Please download the PAT calibration booking form, complete and return to us to arrange a convenient time to have the unit calibrated. Alternatively please contact our sales team.

Other Manufacturer's PAT Testers

First Stop Safety offers a calibration service for all UK PAT Testers, regardless of manufacturer. Our dedicated and experienced team of engineers are able to provide a comprehensive and speedy service to get any tester calibrated and returned to you.

If your tester model is not listed below, please contact our team on 01904 529054 or email: sales@firststopsafety.co.uk

Annual Calibration £60 + VAT

  • Alphatek/Metrel: SwiftPAT
  • Ethos: 9120, 9300
  • Fluke: 6200
  • Kewtech: KT71, KT73
  • Martindale: EasyPAT 1600, 2100, HandyPAT 5080, 600
  • Megger: AVO R32, PAT1, PAT3, PAT32.
  • Parker Bell: PAC500, PB500
  • Robin: SmartPAT3000, 3500
  • Seaward: PAC500, 500H, 1000, 1000S, 1500, Primetest 50, 100
  • Transmille: 5080, 6080
  • Alphatek/Metrel: AlphaPAT M2141, M2142, OmegaPAT MI21401 GammaPAT M13311
  • Fluke: 6500
  • Megger: PAT4DV
  • Robin: SmartPAT5000, 5500
  • Seward: Europa, Europa Plus, Primetest 200, 350, Supernova
  • To book your tester for calibration, please click here to download a booking form and fax it back to 01904 352400 or email to calibrations@firststopsafety.co.uk