Lifetime Warranty

First Stop Safety has earned a notable reputation in the electrical safety sector both as a one stop shop for high quality portable appliance testing products and services, and for delivering outstanding customer service. First Stop Safety have such confidence in our products we have now launched a Lifetime Warranty on our BattPAT and Microwave Checker

Lifetime Warranty Provides Free Repairs

When you purchase a BattPAT or Microwave Checker from First Stop Safety you can do so with total peace of mind. If your tester develops a fault you simply return the unit to First Stop Safety and we will repair the unit free of charge and send it back to you. Please see Lifetime Warranty conditions below.

Calibration and your Lifetime Warranty

Our BattPAT, PAT-IT and Microwave Checkers are accurate instruments and it is important to make sure that they continue to measure correctly. A faulty tester could fail to pick up any faults with electrical appliances and result in passing them.

It is important from a safety point of view that your tester continues to provide accurate and safe results when PAT Testing.

Calibration needs to be carried out annually. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our BattPAT, PAT-IT and Microwave Checker products as long as the units are returned to First Stop Safety annually for calibration.

What Happens During Calibration

When you return the unit to us we check it out thoroughly and calibrate it with traceability back to National Standards.

We refurbish the unit and upgrade it if required.

Carry out a PAT test on the tester. (Where applicable)

We issue a Calibration Certificate.

Collection & Delivery Service

We can arrange for the unit to be collected for calibration and delivered back to you within 5 working days. All you have to do is to send us a completed order form or call 01904 529054.

Lifetime Warranty Conditions

We have complete confidence in our range of testers enabling us to provide a Lifetime Warranty free of charge.

To retain the validity of the Lifetime Warranty the unit must be returned to First Stop Safety annually for a calibration. Note: If the calibration is allowed to expire, the Lifetime Warranty is invalidated.

The Lifetime Warranty covers the PAT Tester, earth test lead, short IEC lead and mains charger where applicable.

If your unit develops a fault we repair it free of charge as long as your units Lifetime Warranty has been maintained and your account is up to date.

What is not covered by the Lifetime Warranty

If the unit has been water damaged. For example soaked in water or submerged in water or any other fluid.

If the unit has been physically damaged beyond fair wear and tear. For example where the unit has had mains power applied to the white testing socket or the IEC socket on the upper face of the PAT tester.

Repair costs if the unit has not been returned for annual calibration.

Repairs to accessories. For example repairs to adaptor leads such as the 110V adaptors.

The cost of the annual calibration.

Lifetime Warranty